Gratitude Builder Child Theme Overview

This Builder child theme is designed and developed to be used specifically with the parent theme Builder, (sold separately) by iThemes. It requires Builder to be installed in order to function.

Gratitude Builder Child ThemeGratitude Builder Child Theme was designed and developed by Kerry Carron and Custom WordPress Site – Ultimate Solution, LLC. Kerry is a WordPress FANatic, Web Designer/Developer and Online business coach – but mostly, Kerry is a student of life sharing what she has learned. Gratitude Builder Child Theme is a custom WordPress child theme developed to be able to be offered as a Builder child theme.

Gratitude Builder Child Theme was designed and inspired by the iThemes Builder Child – City Church theme. Although this theme’s functionality does not include any additional Builder Block plugins. The most noticeable differences in styles are the color modifications and some dimensional additions to the CSS. The basic color scheme used in the design of Gratitude Builder Child Theme came from the dark burgundy textured background image. The accent colors were complementary colors selected from within the image chosen for use in the content and html module sidebar widget areas.

Gratitude Builder Child Theme has a dark textured background. Letter spacing and font variants add additional interest. Gradients and transitions are used in the dark full width navigation. A semi-transparent background color adds even more texture to the Gratitude Builder Child Theme widget-bars. In addition, text shadowing adds some three dimensional depth to the widget-bars within the theme. Golden colors of tan and off white accent the Gratitude Builder Child Theme.

Gratitude Builder Child ThemeGratitude Builder Child Theme Design and Style Features

  • Gratitude Builder Child Theme has deep rich gold and red colors
  • Gratitude has crisp rounded-corners
  • Gratitude Builder Child Theme contained areas have clean lines
  • Full width widget-bar areas naturally expand the Gratitude Builder Child Theme overall look
  • Gratitude Builder Child Theme has crisp edges mixed with gradient insets
  • Text shadowing adds 3D to Gratitude Builder Child Theme
  • Gratitude Builder Child Themehas awesome looking nested comments

Gratitude Builder Child Theme Inherits Features from Builder

  • Builder’s powerful layout editor:

Header Modules – Offer an easy-to-configure header for your site using basic WordPress general title and tagline settings.

Image Modules – Add an image to your layout as a static header or other image just to spice up your layout.

Navigation  Modules– Add a horizontal navigation bar. Category and Page navigation controlled within Builder or choose WordPress Pages. Use of the WordPress custom menus are also available.

Content  Modules – Add a place for your content to render. You can choose 1 or 2 right, 1 or 2 left, split or no sidebars in the content module of your layout.

HTML Modules – Add freeform HTML to your layout. HTML Modules support the use of shortcodes and execution of PHP code.

Widget Bar Modules – A widget area to contain one to five widget locations.

Footer Modules – Add a place for the footer to render.

  • Built-in Google Analytics tracking
  • Built-in Woopra tracking
  • Built-in text area inputs to manually add JavaScript code either inside the head tag or in the site’s footer.
  • Favicon options:

Choose from a set of provided images
Upload your own favicon
Use the active child theme’s Favicon image
Don’t use a Favicon image

  • Ability to create and manage widget areas
  • Customize comments settings
  • Duplicate Sidebar Widget allows for easy duplication of another sidebar’s widgets
  • Custom Post type called Widget Content that allows for easy creation of content that can be added to a widget area using the Widget Content widget.
  • Built in custom coding, styling and JavaScript to enhance specific plugins.
  • Extensions – mini-themes to apply to any one or combination of Layouts or Views.
  • A “Builder” entry to the WordPress Admin Bar
  • Style Manager Plugin
  • Builder SEO Plugin


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